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Workforce by Animit

matching experts to your goals

Build your IT workforce with Animit as your company grows, so you can get smooth, optimum performance from your IT deparment with no hassles or worries.

Animit is pleased to announce our partnership with Southern Staffing Services. We combine our experience in information technology with the diverse experience of an established staffing agency to deliver reliable professionals to achieve your business goals.

You may be surprised to learn that information technology is not a monolithic field. Within it are many sub-disciplines. Most technologists are experts in several of those disciplines, but no one knows them all.

Finding an IT professional with the right set of skills for your business is not a task that should be left to your traditional HR department.

Many candidates for information technology jobs pad their resumes with exaggerations and stuff their vocabularies with buzzwords.

IT experience is necessary to identify true professionals and weed out underqualified candidates.

Combined with our other services, workforce solutions from Animit and Southern Staffing fulfills your IT goals from startup to IPO:

  1. Consultation to identify your needs and goals
  2. Contract Labor for Quick Fixes and expansion Projects
  3. Temporary Staff for in-house projects
  4. Temp-to-Hires when your company starts an IT department
  5. Direct Hires for mature IT departments

Contact us today so we can introduce you to the best candidates to join your team!